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A New Cartoon Idea!

Guess what? After me and J&D had a private discussion about cartoons, my head caught something quite good! What if a little human girl discovered a secret portal to a magical world where colorful trees grow, and animals, plants and (living) inanimate objects live together in harmony? Well, it's an amazing cartoon you wouldn't want to miss!

And as for the name of the cartoon, I call it "Wackytown"! Wackytown is a wonderful cartoon world filled with forests, fun characters, and wacky surprises. The human girl's name is Flora, but the real main character is a Cootie bug named Archie! (his species was based on The Game of Cootie, specifically the 1996 version made by Milton Bradley. Also, I named Archie the Cootie after Archie Andrews, a popular comic character.)

I will upload pictures of the many characters from this new cartoon, but you will have to be patient, ok?

Wackytown is coming soon to Corgi Studios Network! ;)

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thanks! Also, J&D let me upload the pictures here before he puts them on his gallery.

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