Bubsy's normal appearance.

Bubsy is a young bobcat, and the leader of his own troop, called Team Bubsy. He is best buds with Rayman (character), Max Goof, and Parappa. Bubsy is also a traveling member of The S.A.F.T Squad in The SAFT Squad's Adventures Series.

In J&D's ToonWorld, Bubsy has a twin brother named Dewey Bobcat.

Personality Edit

Originally, Bubsy was displayed as being an overly enthusiastic Bobcat that doesn't back down from danger, he frequently states "What could possibly go wrong?".

In J&D's ToonWorld, Bubsy has calmed down a bit, but he's still pretty brave. He also seems to have an obsession with yarn. Bubsy is mostly seen hanging out with his best friend, R1 Rayman.

Appearance Edit

Bubsy has brown fur with tan fur on his muzzle, belly, and soles. He also has dark tips on his ears. The only article of clothing that he usually seen wearing is a simple white t-shirt with a huge red exclamation point on it.

Trivia Edit

  • Bubsy's two main abilities are jumping and gliding, he is able to jump rather high and his gliding is considered useful for preventing him from getting hurt from falling from high drops.
  • In ToonWorld, Bubsy is considered to be R1/1995 Rayman's best friend.
  • Bubsy is one of J&D's favorite characters.

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