Champ Raccoon
Champ is a young male raccoon who is the older brother of Pinch Raccoon and Scootch Raccoon, as well as the cousin to Ricky Raccoon. He first appears in The New Adventures of PB&J Otter, but he also occasionally appears in ToonWorld.

Champ is a PB&J Otter OC created by JustinandDennis.

Appearance Edit

Champ has brown fur, like a real raccoon, but he also has rather messy dark brown hair. He usually wears a green backwards cap and yellow sneakers.

Personality Edit

Champ is very athletic, and loves to play sports. He is often seen playing with Peanut Otter, Munchy Beaver and Flick Duck. Champ also cares very much for his younger siblings, and will defend them if he has to.

Other Info Edit

  • Age: 7
  • Species: Raccoon
  • Gender: Male
  • Hometown: Lake Hoohaw
  • Friends: Peanut Otter, Munchy Beaver, Flick Duck, Justin Puppy, and Timothy Raccoon
  • Siblings: Pinch Raccoon (sister) and Scootch Raccoon (brother)

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike the other raccoon characters in Lake Hoohaw, Champ actually has dark markings on his hands and feet.