Cracky is a character created by LeafsFan79. He is the malevolent older brother Blacky and Placky.

Cracky by leafsfan79-db5l19g

Appearance Edit

Cracky almost looks very similar to Blacky, except his nose is diamond-shaped, his eyes are yellow, his pupils are slits, his tail is crooked and his ears stand up.

Personality Edit

Cracky is very mean and constantly picks on Blacky, Rayman and other characters. He also dubs Rayman with the rude nicknames "limbless wussy", "limbless freak" and "limbless dirtbag" and dubs Blacky with the nickname "pathetic brother". Despite being a bully, he has a fear of ghosts, takes bass guitar lessons until 5:00 and owns a pet scorpion named Stinger.

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Backstory Edit

Ever since the age of two, Cracky has gotten into trouble a lot and Blacky tattled on him a lot ever since he was able to speak. He has also been bullied a lot at and outside of school, he was blamed of stuff he didn't do, he failed levels on every video game, and lost on every board game. All of this led to Cracky's own violent, bullying nature at the age of eleven.

Trivia Edit

  • Cracky appears to be based on Wolfgang from the Nickelodeon TV series "Hey Arnold!".
  • Cracky's voice actor is Will Ferrell. In his younger years, Cracky is voiced by Zachary Gordon.
  • Cracky is 19 years old.
  • Clacky will appear in "ToonWorld All-Stars 2", as one of the main antagonists. He will mostly appear as his older self, but will appear as his younger self in flashback sequences.

Quotes Edit

  • "Sorry I can't understand you, I don't speak..."
  • "Where did you get that from? "Wussies R Us"?!"
  • "Uh oh, LOSER ALERT!"