Danny Dog(Maple Town)
Danny Dog (JP: Johnny Kraft) is one of Patty Rabbit's friends in Maple Town. He is around about 8 years old and has a twin brother named Donny Dog. His mother (JP: Nancy) and father (JP: Harrison) are Maple Town's nurse and doctor respectively who both work at the town's hospital.

He was voiced by Hiroshi Takemura in the Japanese version and the late Kirsten Bishop in the English dub.

Appearance Edit

Danny is a tan dog with pointy ears with the inner sides of them being chocolate brown with black beady eyes, a sand colored muzzle and a brown nose. He wears a white shirt with a red stripe on the sleeves and triangular collar, blue black overalls, white socks with a red stripe on each of them, and brown shoes. He also has a tail that is partly curled and has a sand colored bottom. He is sometimes seen wearing round glasses with black frames, especially when studying something or reading a book.

In the Maple Town Stories movie, he wears a light blue patrol cap at some parts of the movie (which later falls off his head during the balloon trip).

Personality Edit

Danny is a loyal and intelligent boy who enjoys reading, but can be very nervous at times. He also wishes that he could fly, as revealed in the Maple Town Stories movie, despite the fact that he becomes afraid when he has his first experience in the air on a hot air balloon. However, he manages to overcome that fear when he realizes that he is really flying.