Doc Croc

Doc Croc (Simsala Grimm)

Doc Croc is a cartoon lizard who first appeared as one of the two main protagonists of Simsala Grimm, the other being Yoyo (Simsala Grimm).

In J&D's ToonWorld, Doc Croc is an ally of Justin Puppy and The S.A.F.T Squad. He always fights for good.

Appearance Edit

Doc Croc is a red lizard with pink stripes. He wears glasses, a yellow hat, and always has a yellow bag with him.

Personality Edit

Doc Croc is kind and smart, and also a bookworm. Because he is a philosopher, he often talks too much, and can get lost in his actions, but it's usually for a good reason.

When Doc Croc introduces himself, he says: "I am... Croc, Doc Croc. Scientist, philosopher, virtuoso..." But before he finishes, he's usually interrupted by Yoyo or by something happening.

Trivia Edit

  • Both Doc Croc and Yoyo often argue as Yoyo is brave and willing, but unwise, and Doc Croc is sometimes overcautious, yet smart.
  • Doc Croc sometimes likes to help out Lenny Kangaroo with his inventions.