Pinky the Shiny Music Hall Dog

Pinky as she appears in ToonWorld.

Pinky is a limbless cartoon dog who first appeared in Shiny Music Hall, an 80's music segment from TV Asahi.

She frequently appears in J&D's ToonWorld series as a supporting protagonist.

Appearance Edit

Pinky is, as her name derives, a pink dog with pointed ears, a rectangular muzzle, and upside down triangle-shaped eyes that are close to each other. She doesn't have any arms or legs, rendering her limbless, although sometimes she appears with floating hands and feet.

In ToonWorld, Pinky basically looks the same as her original Shiny Music Hall appearance, except now she has a dark purple collar with a "P" shaped tag.

Personality Edit

Pinky seems to be pretty cool-headed, and loves extreme sports. Pinky usually likes to hang out with Simon the Puppy and the other Shiny Music Hall Dogs (Paleman, Violet, Fang & Blooper), as well as other cartoon pets.

Pinky hates when villains try to take over the world or ruin her fun, so she will attack any villain who tries to harm her and her friends.

List of Appearances Edit

  • Shiny Music Hall - She is briefly seen alongside Paleman, Violet, Fang and Blooper in a segment.
  • ToonWorld All-Stars: The Movie - Pinky makes her ToonWorld debut in this movie. She is seen helping Snowball the Bird fight Sheldon J. Plankton and one of the Antitoons.

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Trivia Edit

  • She is not to be confused with Pinky the Ghost (from Pac-Man) or Pinkie Pie (from MLP:FiM)
  • Out of the 5 limbless Shiny Music Hall dogs, Pinky seems to have the most appearances in the ToonWorld series. This could be due to her being J&D's favorite out of the 5.