Rick Fusterman

Rick Fusterman is a male Melmacian is one of Skip's friends. Rick first appeared alongside Skip in the ALF Episode "Help Me, Rhonda", and later became a regular character in ALF: The Animated Series. Rick also sometimes appears in ToonWorld, usually with either Skip or Gordon (ALF) Shumway.

Appearance Edit

Generally, Rick has brown fur and dark blue eyes. In "Help Me, Rhonda", he wore what appeared to be blue overalls, though his whole body was never shown. He did have bushy eyebrows, much like Gordon Shumway.

In ALF: The Animated Series, Rick is the shortest amongst his friends. He has a round, chubby build, a long tuft of hair pointing upward with a somewhat curled tip, and he wears a dark blue and orange-yellow-striped T-shirt that seems to cover his lower half. Rick's Orbit Guard uniform is slate blue with yellow trim.

History and Personality Edit

In ALF: T.A.S., Rick usually acts nervous, and is shown to stutter often when speaking.

In the episode "Gordon Ships Out", Rick, Skip and Gordon decide to pool in their savings for a sailing yacht, but a pit termite (named "Woody") causes them to be marooned on an island.

Then, in "Family Feud", he and Gordon end up "caught in the crossfire" after the Fustermans declare war on the Shumways for losing to the latter on a game show.

In the episode, "Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places", Gordon tries to fix Rick up with a girl named Elaine. However, a misunderstanding leads her to fall in love with Gordon instead.

Later on, when Melmac was destroyed, Rick supposedly escaped as one of the only few survivors. And when he did, he took a passenger; a female Melmacian named Stella, who was a waitress. She and Rick soon got married, and opened a tanning parlor on Mercury.

In ToonWorld Edit

Not much has been confirmed about Rick appearing in ToonWorld, but J&D claims that Rick might be a possible member of the "Ruxpin Renegades" soon.

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