The S.A.F.T Squad is a group of heroes who are known for traveling through many dimensions in the multiverse and keeping the world safe from the clutches of evil. The main group of the S.A.F.T Squad comprises of the founding members, along with some of its main allies. There are also a few other separate teams located in certain places in the Toon-i-verse. They are in charge of protecting their respective areas from The E.V.I.L Troop and the Cogs. Honorary members, a select few who are not part of any of the groups, are individually scattered across the multiverse.

The S.A.F.T Founders

The original team and founding members of the S.A.F.T Squad residing in Toontown Central. Below is a list of all six members.

S.A.F.T Squad Allies

These members usually travel along with the founders. They consist of:

The S.A.F.T Squad Authorities

These people are also considered to be the top four leaders of the S.A.F.T Squad army.

  • Colonel Flippy Doggenbottom: Flippy is the S.A.F.T Army commander of the entire organization. He is also the mayor of Toontown Central. He is the main elder that Dennis's team trusts and they often call him if any situation they have goes out of control in their adventures. In ToonWorld, Flippy has two children named Zippy and Gwen.
  • Grand Minimus: Minimus is the king of all Teensies, and is slow to anger if some accident happens because of his members. He is very forgiving and patient. Minimus has his own army, consisting of warrior Teensies, that was led into Flippy's ranks.
  • Undercover Spy Pink Beret Bit: Bit is one of the Pink Berets(The Easter Bunny's Royal Guard). She is Flippy's assistant and she often takes his place as commander if he is absent. She also knows martial arts and she once gave Dennis her best support when he was training in China with Shifu, the Furious Five and Po. You’ll never find her without an inhaler to help with her asthma. Bit originally appeared in the movie "Hop".
  • Mayor Jeff: Jeff is the sociable, well-liked mayor of Lake Hoohaw. He occasionally helps out the Squad when they need help. He is sometimes accompanied by his two appointed Watchbirds, Cap'n and Connie Crane.

The S.A.F.T Scouts

A secondary group who occasionally helps the S.A.F.T Squad They are comprised of:

  • Swifty the Yellow Yoshi (Leader and Founder of the Scouts)
  • Jasmine the Noko (Co-Leader and Second-In-Command of the Scouts)
  • Felizia the Flying Fox (Night Patrol)
  • Sheldon the Leaf-Nosed Fruit Bat (Felizia's "sidekick")
  • Roger Jabari the Rhino (The Bodyguard)
  • Jamarion the Lombax (Bomb Expert and "Demolition Man")
  • Gwydion the Star Fox (Jasmine's companion)
  • Zion the Bub-Chi (Not a "true member", but occasionally helps.)
  • Kaliappa the Squib (The Scouts' "Mascot")
  • Malaki the Merge (Team Chef and Painter)
  • Lorenzo the Mino (Computer Specialist)
  • Lugnut the AIBO ERS 110 (Swifty's companion)
  • Berry the Flowper (Jamarion's companion)
  • Data the Quadrone (Lorenzo's companion)
  • Gloopie the Electric Slorg (Malaki's companion)

Honorary Members

(NOTE: This is a big list.)